Friday, 25 May 2012

US Cuts Aid To Pakistan Over Shakil Afridi

Hillary spoke yesterday about the help Shakil Afridi had 'given to Pakistan, never mind America and the world'. Not much help to the Pakistani families who thought their kids were being innoculated against disease. Bogus vaccinations, fraudulent medical treatment? I have never personally heard of anything like this. And the US wonders why so many people, not to mention whole nations, hate them. US-Pakistan relations were already at an all-time low. Not only are they now officially dysfunctional, but it's hard to see any prospect of them improving. The aid cuts are symbolic on the face of it. $1M for every year Afridi got in prison. Somebody at the White House or Pentagon must have lain awake in bed all night to think that one up. The whole sorry episode marks a new low (among many lows) for the CIA and their political mentors. Another handle on the story from Pakistan in this link.

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