Friday, 25 May 2012

Plasticine Policy

The NATO ISAF 'strategy' is whatever you would like it to be in Afghanistan. And in most other areas in which they are spreading their incompetence. You can shape it like plasticine to suit whether you would like tame journos and useful idiots to believe you are defending womens' rights, speading education ('we painted a schoolroom'), fighting AQ/AQAP or fighting them over there so that.... (fill in the rest yourself). They have wheeled out many other pretexts for whatever it is they are failing to do in Afghanistan. The NATO summit will be rounded off, as ever, with a spin-routine of 'on track', 'transition', 'partnership'. If there was a hint of a shadow of connection with the truth about NATO their summary communique would talk of 'compound misjudgements', 'retreat' and 'abject failure'.  

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