Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Taliban Combat Footage - May, 2015

Combat Footage - Taliban Perspective by AmbersKent

Options For Containing ISIS

Options to stem Isis threat in Iraq by hisspant

Another Guesthouse Attack in Kabul

Four Taliban attackers were killed in what has become a trend of attacking guesthouses.
The latest siege ended after 5 a.m. in a sustained barrage of automatic weapons fire and a series of huge explosions that resounded across the Wazir Akbar Khan district of downtown Kabul, home to many embassies and foreign firms.
The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack in tweets on a recognized Twitter account. They referred to the target as "belonging to the occupiers," reiterating the insurgents' message that foreign installations are specific targets in the Afghan capital. Read More

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Qalat Bombing Update

70 people wounded in Afghanistan suicide bombing by euronews-en

Taliban Seize Helmland Police Station

Afghan Taliban siege Helmand police station by aljazeeraenglish

Migrant Tide Swamps Broken Libya

21 Security Personnel Killed In Nawzad

The security committee head of the provincial council Bashir Ahmad Shakir expressed concern about the increasing insecurity in the province.
He said that security forces have suffered heavy casualties in Sangin and Musa Kala districts during several rebels’ attacks in the past two days.
He linked the deteriorated situation to the negligence of the central government and said security of northern districts and central areas of the province would also get worse if focus was not shifted to ameliorate the situation.
A security official wishing anonymity confirmed the death of 14 policemen in the battle.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Taliban Welcome New US Commander

Taliban's 'welcome message' to new US commander... by NilaTrask


Security and government officials in the country have,
on more than one occasion, denied in unequivocal terms the presence of Daesh, Arabic name of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), in Pakistan.
Daesh leaflets were found from two crime scenes in the port city of Karachi. First, from the assassination site of Dr Debra Lobo who was gunned down last month. Second, from the bus of Ismaili community whose 44 passengers were brutally murdered near Safoora Goth area a week ago. Link

5 Confirmed Dead, 70 Hurt in Zabul

Zabul provincial council chief, Atta Jan, told Afghanistan Times that four PC members were among the 70 injured persons. 17 women were among the injured persons.
Atta Jan said the bomber smashed his explosive-laden vehicle into the wall of the council’s building. Link

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Pakistan Army Attack on Taliban 20.5.2015

Pakistani Army Cobra Gunship helicopter Attack... by tm87828

Incidents Claim 19 Lives

In the latest violent incident which happened in the eastern Ghazni province, four civilians and all members of a family, were killed as a roadside bomb struck their car on Sunday, police said.
"Our members of a family including two children and their parents were killed as their car ran over a mine in Gilan district of Ghazni province on Sunday," deputy to provincial police chief Assadullah Insafi told reporters. Link