Monday, 1 February 2016

Taliban's Winter Offensive

In all the years we have covered the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, an offensive by the Taliban in Winter is unprecedented. There are two possible explanations of which I favour the first. 
  • The Taliban has grown in confidence because they are undefeated after nearly 15 years. They see a hesitant and confused US/NATO emanating mixed messages: Obama's promised end to the Afghan debacle has crumbled into speculation about 5/10 years more of the same. NATO advocate more and more wars because that is what sustains their existence. The Taliban doesn't need to win. It only has to avoid defeat. Their new leader is aware of this.
  • The view of the terrorologists the Western media is that the Taliban is throwing everything into the fray before joining the tentative peace talks in Pakistan. The supposed motive is that this would strengthen their negotiating position. 
It occurs that the Taliban don't need to enhance their position since they can clearly attack in Kabul at will now. This was not the case even one year ago. As we pointed out HERE recently, things are not going well for the War on Terror in Afghanistan. Or anywhere else.

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