Thursday, 4 May 2017

"We're Staying in Afghanistan for the Next 50 Years"

Wilkerson: "We're Staying in Afghanistan for the Next 50 Years" | naked capitalism

Wilkerson: The first thing I make of it is that I’ve heard this before. I guess I’m getting too old. I’ve heard generals ask from foreign theaters for more troops, enough times to know that none of them have succeeded with those more troops; and that it seems to be the only thing that generals know how to ask for, more troops. That said, the situation in Afghanistan is truly bad. It’s probably as bad as it has been in the past 16 years. The Taliban, as you indicated, control more territory now probably than they have at any time since the inception of the conflict, when they more or less were the government of the state of Afghanistan. It’s looking pretty bad.

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