Tuesday, 16 May 2017

'One More Push' in Afghanistan is a Scam

More Troops to Afghanistan? - The New York Times

Every time President Lyndon B. Johnson sent another contingent to Southeast Asia, over the course of several years, the excuse was that we just needed another division and all would be well. Only after our deployment exceeded half a million troops did our leaders seem to realize that this was a fool’s errand.
I don’t claim to have a solution to the issues in Afghanistan. But I think our leaders are kidding themselves, and us, by pretending that just one more regiment will do the trick.


  1. Of course they are Tony. The simple bastard in the WH when he gets his hands on thios will make it even worse. Is this the place the big one will be used as he wants to use a nuke so he can show the world just how impotent he is. Dangerous times and no way to get out of them.

  2. Agreed, OF. I'm hoping an Impeachment is not far away. But I'm not holding my breath.