Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Why the Afghan military keeps losing ground

Why the Afghan military keeps losing ground - The Washington Post
According to the report, the Afghan army still concentrates its forces at checkpoints and fixed positions–such as small outposts–instead of putting them into cohesive units that can move fluidly and aggressively across the battlefield. As of September 2015, 53,000 Afghan national army soldiers–roughly 30 percent of the army’s entire force–were distributed to fixed sites, while half of the 147,000 strong Afghan National Police were as well. While there have been some improvements in making both forces into a more coherent fighting force (the Afghan army has reduced its presence at checkpoints by 40 percent), initiatives to restructure Afghan forces have been “uneven.” Additionally, in spite of some reorganization within the Afghan army, the report states that Afghan forces have had a hard time translating the improvements into “offensive combat power.” 

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