Thursday, 24 December 2015

15 Years, 30,000 dead, 40 Countries, $1Trillion For the Taliban Mediaevalists To Win

A coalition of 40 powerful countries, over 1 trillion $US spent and countless thousands of lives lost and none of the objectives of the mission undertaken in 2001 have been met. The Taliban took Helmland Province days ago. It took the US and European MSM until today to admit the reality of their victory. The ANA spokespeople and local governors have been accusing Kabul of betraying them. Meanwhile NATO PR spin and press releases were being reported as 'news' updates by the BBC and others. Which reminds me - it's about this time of year that the progress reports by NATO on how well the war is going are published and reported as factual. Here's a sample of their rose-tinted fictions. One from 2008. One from 2010. One from 2014. They've been churning this material out since 2002.

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