Sunday, 13 September 2015

What I saw in Kabul

What I saw in Kabul? - Afghanistan TimesAfghanistan Times

On one side there was astonishing development and changing city while on the other there was poverty quite visible in every square of the city. Those very statuses of poverty tell their own stories of grief and terror and economic disparity. Whenever I have stepped out the confines of the guesthouse not far away from the beautiful Shahr-e-Naw, I came across a multitude of unskilled laborers waiting desperately but with a despondent look on their faces that someone will come and pick them up for construction works. The poor state of these laborers and beggars speak volumes of economic disparity and the widening rich-poor standoff. On one hand, if Kabul has been flooded with latest cars and shops are being built with an exotic touch, on the other hand, poverty makes this city obnoxious as it is flooded with beggars.

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