Monday, 21 September 2015

Insecurity in Nangarhar

Insecurity in Nangarhar - Afghanistan TimesAfghanistan Times
Instead of taming the beast of insecurity the provincial government is acting like a lame duck. Fearing for their lives the residents have asked the governor for establishment of security posts in the insecure areas of the province to quell insurgency. The government has launched multiple military operations against anti-state elements but had limited effects. After the military operations when the armed forces leave the areas, militants return back to make life of the dwellers miserable. The areas where Daesh pose threats remained out of the scope. The multinational terror group, having headquarters in Iraq, has sprouted recently but grown like a mushroom and is spreading like a parasite. It seems the insurgents are moving in a circle to avoid complete elimination. Without breaking the circle it will be difficult to eliminate these terrorist and militant groups. Anti-government forces in the province should not be allowed to escape the ire of security forces and return back after the operations.

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