Sunday, 5 April 2015

Taliban Make Further Inroads

Taliban make inroads in Afghan provinces | Asia | DW.DE | 04.04.2015
Anti-Taliban villagers have reportedly fought to stop them, but in places like the Ganjgal Valley, the militants seem to have gotten out of hand. Many anti-Taliban locals here have already been killed by militants. "They find an excuse to punish anyone who spoke against them when the US forces were here," Mustufa Khan said.
Increasing numbers of armed militants have helped Taliban to regroup here and strengthen their rule in Ganjgal by setting up sharia courts. In their black turbans, these Taliban are an intimidating presence across the valley. Mustafa Khan says people have already started fearing them. Several of his friends and acquaintances have been shot dead since December, which has spread fear among villagers who opposed them. Like Latif Khan, Mustafa has decided to pack up his family and move. "If we don't leave, I am sure they will come after me too," he said.

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