Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Taliban admit to beheading Afghan soliders ‘in revenge’

Taliban admit to beheading Afghan soliders ‘in revenge’ | The Long War Journal
The Taliban killed, captured, or wounded 33 troops after more than 250 Taliban fighters assaulted the district of Jurm in Badakhshan last week, according to news reports. Afghan forces claimed that 20 Taliban fighters were killed in the fighting.
The Taliban claimed that after a clash on March 20 in the Wardoj district, “the invader nurtured mercenaries [Afghan soldiers and police] brutally shot the martyrs in the face to the point they were unrecognizable in violation of all principles of Islam and humanity as well as all established rules of war.”
This incident, which has not been confirmed, was followed by another clash in the Jurm district on April 14.

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