Monday, 9 March 2015

“What shall I do now to feed my children?"

Afghanistan: “What shall I do now to feed my children?" | CARE International United Kingdom | One of the world's leading pov

While many houses have already been totally destroyed and families are in urgent need of assistance, the weather forecast indicates that more snow and rain is likely to fall over the next days. Rahmuddin* was part of a CARE-assessment team to the affected areas. In his blog he talks about the needs of the people who have been hardest hit by this disaster.
Together with my colleagues from CARE and partners from the Afghan Red Crescent, we travelled to the Shinwari and Siagerd Districts of Parwan Province in Central Afghanistan to assess what the biggest needs of the people affected by the horrendous rain and snow falls are. In the areas we visited, we were told eleven people had died in floods or avalanches. Most of the houses we saw were partly or completely destroyed.

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