Monday, 2 March 2015

UK Army To Become Battalion of US Armed Forces?

Some might say the UK Army has been a sub-division of the Pentagon since Thatcher's time. But for a US General to utter these words openly is a measure of the depths to which the British armed forces have now sunk.

US Army Head 'Concerned' Over UK Defence Cuts:
General Raymond Odierno's words reflect the frustrations of a partner no longer convinced the other half can pull its weight.As a result of Downing Street's refusal to be clear what it might do post-election, the United States military is adjusting its plans because Britain can no longer be relied on as an equal partner.We hear so little from senior serving military figures on this subject that when one speaks, albeit a foreign General, it inevitably makes headlines. Such is the consequence of adopting a policy of denial.

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