Thursday, 26 March 2015

Afghan President 'Speaks of Need To Say Sorry To Taliban'

Afghan president says need to find way to say 'sorry' to Taliban - World - DAWN.COM
Speaking during a visit to Washington, Ghani said South Africa and Rwanda, which set up truth and reconciliation commissions to come clean about past abuses but not necessarily to punish them, had been most effective in “devising collective forms of therapy” for traumatised nations. Officials in Pakistan and Afghanistan said last month that the Afghan Taliban had signaled they were willing to open peace talks with Kabul.
Ghani said peace with the insurgents was “essential” and that some Taliban members had legitimate grievances.
“People were falsely imprisoned, people were tortured. They were tortured in private homes or private prisons,” he said. “How do you tell these people that you are sorry?”

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