Sunday, 18 January 2015

Results of Western Occupation

Having occupied Afghanistan, the West is not going to leave a country so promising in all respects. According to NATO’s plans, in 2015 about 12,000 NATO soldiers are to stay deployed in the country, of which 10,800 are Americans.
Observers note that despite the victorious statements of the representatives of the Western military and political leadership, the withdrawal of NATO soldiers is taking place amid a significant rise in activity of the Taliban movement, systemic economic and political crisis. In the last year alone the number of casualties among Afghan personnel rose by 6.5% to 4,634 people. And at the same time the state budget of Afghanistan, “thanks” to the West, is almost completely dependent on foreign aid, and the leadership of the country has been trying in vain to form a government of national unity for 3 months. MORE

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