Friday, 7 December 2012

Report: NATO Military Intervention In Syria “Imminent”

Prison » Report: NATO Military Intervention In Syria “Imminent”:


  1. Still months away from that scenario, not counting the current level of NATO support. The Interntional community is so divided on Syria that a military intervention could stall out, with each set of actors working independently. This war is long by nature.

  2. The statements this morning seem to bear out what you say, James. Hague is waffling about 'some evidence' of chemical weapon activity while acknowledging the recognition of 'people's scepticism' in the light of Iraq. Sounds like prevarication and, frankly, waiting for a script from the White House to arrive.

  3. This will all change on a daily basis.
    The threat of chemical weapons is in the air as you both know.
    Even if the so called rebels launched the weapons, Damascus would be blamed.
    Beware of false flags.
    IMO there should be four countries that should settle this.
    And America is not one of them.
    They are KSA, and Qatar, who probably control most if not all of the jihadists in Syria.
    Russia, and Iran should be the ones that control and convince Assad to step down.
    The Alawites will need a way out.
    If not they will most likely fight to the death.
    They will have nothing to lose.