Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Obama : 4 More Years = Much More Drones

Not much will change as a result of Obama's inevitable re-election. We predicted an Obama v Romney contest with an Obama victory on these sites last year.Obama will continue to meet a stalemate in his domestic policies as right-wing rage continues to stymie his social strategy such as it is. The result may be Bush Senior syndrome - a President who loses interest in domestic affairs and looks abroad to enhance his reputation/legacy in the field of foreign policy. It's clear that 'I nailed Osama' Obama is his own biggest fan in the foreign arena. What is not in doubt is that Obama's faith in drone technology and war by remote control has received a boost. With all the implications for 'compound people' in Yemen, Pakistan and Afghanistan. How soon before the people of Iran and Syria too get to enjoy the sounds and smells of US 'precision' technology.  


  1. They didn't talk about that much did they.

  2. Not sold on this "second term" excuse, and expecting more of the same. Probably not going to be a lot of motion with Iran or Israel-Palestine, except what the world forces on him. More I think about it, the idea of a more assertive foreign policy is being pandered by mainstream media.