Monday, 19 November 2012

Israeli Assault on Gaza Is Mainly By Drones

The Israeli Air Force operates a squadron of Hermes 450s out of Palmachim Airbase south of Tel Aviv. It has adapted the Hermes 450 for use as an assault UAV, reportedly equipping it with two Hellfire missiles or, according to various sources, two Rafael-made missiles. According to Israeli, Palestinian, Lebanese and independent reports, the Israeli assault UAV has seen extensive service in the Gaza Strip and was used intensively in the Second Lebanon War. Israel has not denied this capability, but to date, its policy has been not to officially confirm it either. The technology and much of the hardware is principally sourced from America.


  1. I'm wondering if we are witnessing the first air campaign conducted with extensive UAV participation. Over 1,000 air strikes have already been carried out. This is bigger than targeted assassination.

  2. Noam Chomsky finally came out and called it what it is.