Monday, 20 August 2012

Debacle In Slow Motion

The US debacle in Afghanistan: "The Obama administration and the Pentagon have no answer to this deepening debacle except ever-wider violence. US bombing raids and missile strikes continue to take a heavy toll, both among Afghan civilians and across the border in Pakistan, in the Pashtun-speaking regions where there is widespread sympathy for the insurgents fighting in Afghanistan against the occupation forces.
This process unfolds without the American people having any say. Neither President Obama nor his Republican challenger Mitt Romney have spoken publicly about the wave of attacks on US soldiers by their Afghan allies. Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans take a break from their mutual mudslinging to discuss US policy in Afghanistan. Both parties invoke the same slogans—the “war on terror,” the struggle for “freedom and democracy” against the Taliban—without any examination of the colossal cost of the 11-year war for the Afghan population, as well as the American."


  1. Foreign policy and the warS will not be an issue for either one.
    America has never had a great foreign policy unless it concerned Manifest Destiny at home and abroad.
    Iraq is never talked about here any more. It is already a forgotten war.
    Soon Afghanistan will be the same.
    Yes the bases will still be in both countries.
    People will still die, chaos will prevail.

    But we came, we shocked and awed, we occupied, and then we turned the page.
    It is not our book that the page was turned in.
    It was/is their country.
    9/11 did not change us.
    We changed 9/11.

  2. The war will generate a minimal effect on the election, but what a desperate argument from the Pentagon: blaming the desperate instead of the Taliban.