Sunday, 27 May 2012

Air Force 'Concerns' In Afghanistan

"The planes were made in Italy, they are old and were out of the Italian fleet before they were given to Afghanistan," Azimi said.
Air transport is critical in Afghanistan, where the road network is underdeveloped and targeted by insurgent bombings, while strike aircraft are a vital part of the war against Taliban insurgents.
The US Air Force announced last month that it was reopening a contest for a contract to build 20 light attack aircraft for Afghanistan after the cancellation of an award to Brazil's Embraer two months earlier.
Italian and Brazilian aircraft? They're really taking that one seriously, eh? For 'concern' read it isn't going to happen. Just like the 'ordered transition'. MORE 

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  1. Afghan Air Force is code speak for MILLIONS, if not BILLIONS of $$$$$ for the global MIC.

    What a joke.
    Afghans need hospitals, streets, schools, running water, electricity, etc.
    You know the basics of life. Something that Iraq has still not gotten since they were invaded.
    The last thing Afghans need is an air force to further more death and carnage.