Monday, 28 May 2012

Afghanistan Today - Newsfeed

Europe wants out. Obama ratchets it up -
Chopper crash killls 2 -
UK Bans Prisoner Transfer -
Australian SAS Execute Prisoner -
Panetta Defends Strategy (again) -


  1. Watching CNN this morning.
    Joint Chief of Staff says that a military option for Syria might be in order.

    Since when has a General made policy?
    He is only to recommend to the president what their contingency plans are. Then he is to obey orders from his [civilian] president.

  2. I reckon the UN can't sanction a military option by US/NATO since their observers are supposed to be trying to get a compromise in Syria now. They will continue to fail of course but the Pentagon/WH know that Syria isn't Libya. Higher price to pay and a real blowback. The west will sit it out and weep crocodile tears for 'civilian casualties' from the sidelines. A black farce again.

  3. Syria is much more in the thick of it.
    Syria was suppose to be about Iran. But now Iran is about Syria.
    Russia and China will want a lot in order to go along with the West when it comes to Syria.
    Especially Russia.
    Putin will make far reaching demands.
    Pay back is a bitch.
    One more ?.
    Will Turkey take the NATO lead on this?
    I doubt it.