Friday, 23 March 2012

The Real Victims In The Kandahar Massacre

Certain sections of the US media and blogosphere are already trying to make a victim out of the wretched criminal who committed the massacre. The real victims had names, although you won't read them or hear them in the Washington Post or on CNN. They were Masooma, Farida, Palwasha, Nabia, Esmatullah - the daughters of Mohamed Wazir. Faizullah, his son. Mohamed Dawood, son of Abdullah. Khudayad, son of Mohamed Juma. Nazar Mohamed. Payendo. Robeena. Shatarina, the daughter of Sultan Mohamed. Zahra, the daughter of Abdul Hamid. Nazia, the daughter of Dost Mohamed. Essa Mohamed, the son of Mohamed Hussain. Akhtar Mohamed, the son of Murrad Ali. Nine of them under the age of 12. All dead.
Wounded, but alive: Haji Mohamed Naim, son of Haji Sakhawat. Mohamed Sediq, the son of Mohamed Naim. Parween. Rafiullah. Zardana. Zulheja. They came from  Alkozai, Najeeban and a little settlement called "Ibrahim Khan Houses" in the Panjawi district of Kandahar Province.  
Bales won't be in the dock alone if he if there is nobody else standing there. My only consolation in this is that the trial of Bales will show up the US military and it's attendant media groupies for exactly what they are and have been in Iraq and Afghanistan. In the eyes of the whole world.


  1. The tragic nature of this shooting is echoed by the blame game between Washington and Bales. The victims and their families are an afterthought - an inconvenience to the war effort.

  2. They are trying to build a "nice guy" profile for him.
    Neighbors saying they can not believe he did this.

    What are the neighbors of the victims saying?
    These people that were murdered also HAD families.
    He murdered 9 children and 3 women for God's sake.

    The page will be turned very quickly on this.
    He will go to trial. He will get life in prison.
    He will be let out in 5 years or less, once it quiets down.

    Any and all lands that are occupied do not have justice, or peace.
    They only have tyranny and misery.

    1. Out in 5 years is about right. Then he'll write a book and make a bit of money.

  3. I still think that Karzai should do more.
    His lip service is not helping the Afghan people.
    Guess we will know more once they have their little conference.