Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Obama's Speechwriters In Britain - Field Day For Claptrap

The 'special relationship' (see Reagan, Bush Sr, Clinton W, Bush Jr.) has morphed into 'historic alliance' or 'essential' relationship. Essential to whom, you may ask. Only to the US in the sense they seek an endorsement from European countries in support of their militarist hegemony campaigns in the ME. The UK is happy to kowtow as ever. So is Sarkozy's France and Berlusconi's Italy. But the peoples of these countries would tell the US to go to hell if asked up front. So would most of the peoples of ME many of whom are trying to rid themselves of the very type of US toadies, satraps and sycophants that the European leaders are eager to be. But this is running well for Obama in the US media. Pictures with the queen and the royal newlyweds. Straight off the Oprah Whinfrey schmaltz-schedule and good for the re-election effort.
Meantime the US Congress gives a standing ovation to a warmongering Israeli leader who is thumbing his nose in America at Obama's sham 'Peace Initiative'. That's the real world. 

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