Wednesday, 2 March 2011

UK Parliamentary Report Critical Of Afghan 'Strategy'

A US report last month said secret, exploratory, negotiations had begun but it remains unclear how interested the Taliban leaders are in peace talks. Some commanders of the insurgency are said to be weary of the conflict, but European officials warn that others believe they are winning and only have to wait for Nato's eventual departure.
The foreign secretary, William Hague, said  the report may already be out of date. "The situation in Afghanistan is constantly changing and in some cases has moved on from the evidence given to the Foreign Affairs Committee."
Any report or commentary on Afghanistan which contains the words 'we need to begin to....' as the UK Parliamentary report does, is inherently worthless. Ten years into a foreign policy debacle (another one) is not the time to 'begin' to do anything. Other than withdraw and apologize, perhaps. At least the Foreign Affairs Committee commentary acknowledges the fiasco. Hague is in denial as ever.

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