Thursday, 24 March 2011

Two More Civilians Killed By NATO - Retrospective Spin Deployed

Two more innocent civilians have  been killed in a NATO helicopter gunship attack in the Northern Province of Khost.
"At the time of the strike, two civilians were walking near the moving targeted vehicle," NATO said Thursday. "They were previously unseen by coalition forces prior to the initiation of the airstrike. Unfortunately both were killed as an unintended result of the strike." NATO said a "precision airstrike" killed three insurgents while they were driving in the vehicle. However, Afghan forces said that the occupants of the vehicle were unharmed.
In a new development, NATO, in continuing 'apologies', are now describing their recent similar killing of nine children who were gathering firewood for their families as firewood gatherers for 'insurgents'. This is a new and retropective spin making a claim which none of the reports, not even NATO's own deceptive statements, made at the time. The mainstream, particularly US, press, are carrying this NATO version of events almost verbatim from the NATO/ISAF press release. The AP version, which is no more than a PR release for NATO, is already being picked up in its entirety by other News Agencies, including Yahoo and Xinhua.

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