Monday, 7 March 2011

Massive Anti-US Demo In Kabul

Holding banners "Permanent US military bases equals permanent slavery of Afghan people", "Occupation equals killing plus destruction" in their hands, the protesters shouted "Death to America" as they marched on the downtown street.
"The involvement of the US government in Afghanistan, that has a long history of cruelty, has not improved conditions in the country, but increased corruption, poverty, murders, poppy cultivation and trafficking," says the pamphlet handed out by the Solidarity Party of Afghanistan, the organizer of the protests.
Hangama, one of the organizers, told Xinhua, "Our aim is to condemn the civilian casualties caused by U.S. troops in Afghanistan and we don't want American presence in our country. "
The protesters called for an end of the U.S. role in Afghanistan and strongly condemned the U.S. intention to establish a permanent military base in the country.
"As the United States wants to establish a permanent base in Afghanistan, we call on our people not to allow the U.S. to occupy our country, not allow the Karzai government to sign the shameful agreement," said Hangama.
Women and even children were among the protesters, while a great number of policemen were on high alert in case of security incidents.
At its climax, the protesters burned U.S. President Barack Obama's effigy, shouting "Down with the U.S.".
Azada, a female protester said, "Today we demonstrate here to condemn the civilian causalities caused by the U.S forces and Taliban in our country. We want American troops to stop killing the innocent person, the children and the women." 

Source: Xinhua 7.3.2011

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  1. Strange that Karzai so willingly accepted Gates's apology for civilian casualties after tossing aside Petraeus. Is the WH bending Karzai or is Karzai sending a message at Petraeus? Gates and Petraeus think alike so it's an interesting turn of events.