Friday, 30 April 2010

Latest NATO Massacres

Most recent atrocities here, here and here.


  1. One atrocity is bad enough. But as your title says HERE, HERE, AND HERE.
    And these are only the ones we know about.

  2. RZ, the 'accidents' and 'tragedies' are more frequent around Kandahar now. This is a harbinger of the big attack which you have predicted for some time. I see that ISAF are already spinning the killing of the woman and the two girls on Friday. Their statement is completely at odds with the local officials as usual. But they are 'checking the incident'. Sure they are.

  3. Kandahar is puzzling to say the least.
    If the West goes all in on Kandahar. Then they must know that it could be their Waterloo.
    Will the Taliban make a stand in Kandahar, or do they sneak out and wait for another day another place?
    One of their choosing. If they stay true to gorilla tactics, they will move out before the real onslaught begins.
    If they make a stand Kandahar could also be a modern day Stalingrad for the West.
    Of course Karzai could also go completely rogue before then.

    The Karzai Bros. Show. One is the mayor of Kabul, the other is the mayor of Kandahar.

  4. Yes. Echoes of the FLN in Algeria for the Taliban in Kandahar. I am sure the historical precedents are not lost on them, nor the outcomes.