Saturday, 31 October 2009

New Labour Have Subverted Social Democracy in The UK For A Generation

The Blair-Brown cult, US besotted, spin-driven, delusionally neo-colonialist and warmongering, will be swept away in a landslide next year. The Tories will inherit a broken Britain in which a foreign-owned, right-wing media will spread a dangerous illusion - that foreigners and Muslims cause our problems. Either the Tories will veer right to reap the whirlwind of bigotry and hate, or the BNP will grow and grow. Scotland and Wales would be better off getting out of here. They will be better able to face these challenges and threats on their own terms in the light of their own sensibilities and values. Nulabour - Born 1995, Died slowly in Iraq and Afghanistan 2001-2010. Third class funeral next year. No flowers by request.

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  1. Peter Hain questioned the mission in Afghanistan today. Anyone else smell an incipient and weaselly bid for the purtescent corpse of the Labour leadership?