Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Afghanistan Debacle - Latest Failure Report Card

''Unfortunately, as SIGAR has documented, U.S. security-sector assistance in Afghanistan has suffered from serious problems, many of which persist. Numerous examples, documented in SIGAR reports over recent years, include:
• Unreliable and inconsistent assessments of ANDSF capabilities
• Ineffective management of ANDSF fuel and equipment
• Inadequate literacy-training programs for ANDSF personnel
• Thousands of “ghost” soldiers on the rolls, distorting readiness assessments and allowing corrupt commanders to pocket the salaries paid from U.S. taxpayers’ funds
• Nearly a half-billion dollars wasted on transport planes bought second-hand from Italy that could not operate in Afghanistan’s harsh environment and that were scrapped for pennies on the dollar
• Shoddily constructed, unsafe, and unwanted buildings''.

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