Sunday, 15 November 2015

Dozens of Afghan troops surrender to Taliban in Helmand

Dozens of Afghan troops surrender to Taliban in Helmand | The Long War Journal
The Taliban apparently had laid siege to the base for two weeks before the Afghan soldiers abdicated. A mother of one of the soldiers claimed the base was under attack for 15 days before the soldiers quit the fight, and that the Afghan military and police did not intervene to save them.
Afghanistan’s Ministry of Defense has denied that its soldiers in Sangin surrendered to the Taliban. “Our troops will never surrender to the enemy,” the ministry’s spokesman said to TOLONews.”There might be some problems. This is war. Moving forward and backwards, defending and leaving strongholds can happen in war and they are allowed to do this.”
Sangin is one of several districts in Helmand that are hotly contested. The Taliban has released numerous statements about the fighting there, and just yesterday claimed to have overrun “2 more check posts … located near the old hospital and Eid Gah area of the district bazaar.”

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