Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Bloody Rise Of The Drones

Earlier this year the British MoD admitted for the first time that it had killed Afghan civilians in a drone strike in March 2011. Responding to a parliamentary question from Green Party MP Caroline Lucas about the deaths David Cameron said, ‘I do not think that the answer is to turn our face away...’  Unfortunately the Prime Minister was not suggesting that we should of course face up to our responsibilities to these innocent victims, but was, rather predictably arguing that we cannot turn away from drone technology which, as he put it, is ‘taking out’ the bad guys. 
Full details and some excellent research here.

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  1. Thanks
    great site.
    Drones R US are here to stay.
    Air borne land mines are a major selling point for the masters of war.
    The horror that man brings upon himself has no end.