Monday, 29 October 2012

CIA Chiefs face arrest over Horrific Evidence of 'video-game' Sorties

CIA chiefs face arrest over horrific evidence of <BR>bloody 'video-game' sorties by drone pilots | Crime and Punishment |

US ambassador 'grateful' for Italian Sacrifice

An Italian soldier, not yet named, was killed at the weekend. Hence the 'grateful' speech now. Afghanistan: US ambassador 'grateful' for Italian sacrifice - Adnkronos Security: "Rome, 29 Oct. (AKI) - The United States is "extremely grateful" for the contribution being made by Italian forces in Afghanistan and the sacrifices being made by its troops, ambassador to Italy David Thorne said on Monday."We are extremely grateful for the support and for the work being done for peace and stability in Afghanistan by all of Italy's forces," Thorne said during a debate held at the Rome headquarters of Italian media group Adnkronos, where he met its owner and president Giuseppe Marra.

Syria - Clashes Erupt As Ceasefire Ends

Bloody Weekend in Afghanistan - Audio Clip

MARK COLVIN: But Afghanistan is preparing for a pullout of most of the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) forces over the next year or two. And what about the financial effects of all that? You've done a study on that.
MATTHIEU AIKINS: International spending in Afghanistan is the largest component of Afghan GDP, it's almost equal to the entire country's production. And that's set to decline dramatically over the next two years, just as the international community's level of troop deployment and programming is also set to decline. So that's obviously going to have serious effects for Afghanistan's economy. 

Saturday, 27 October 2012

British Psy Ops in Afghanistan

British Psy Ops in Afghanistan « Mind Hacks: "The 15 (UK) Psy Ops Group rarely ever features in the media and there’s not a great deal of information about them, although most of it has been collected on this PowerBase page.

In fact, the last time 15 (UK) Psy Ops hit the headlines was when one of their unit was killed in 2008, who was most notable in the media for being the first British female solider to die in Afghanistan.

Except for that, one of the last mentions was in 2003. And now they’re press-releasing an award given to them by their own organisation and talking to reporters."

Danish Man Claims He Was AQ/CIA Double Agent

Mosque Bombing - Clip

Shooting of British soldiers in Afghanistan 'was not friendly fire'

Shooting of British soldiers in Afghanistan 'was not friendly fire' - Asia - World - The Independent: ""The circumstances are not entirely clear, there is an investigation ongoing. We know there were three people dead, one of them wearing civilian clothes.

"It is not absolutely clear as yet exactly what did happen and that investigation will continue until we find out exactly what happened.""

Friday, 26 October 2012

Dust Off That Old 'Womens' Rights' Spin

As the chaos in Afghanistan descends to Nato/Isaf/MOD spinning on whether ISAF fatalities are green on blue or blue on green or green on green on blue, it's back to womens' rights as the pretext for the mission.
British Ministers: Women's Rights Key to Stable Afghanistan: ""Whilst a lot has been achieved and it would be wrong to underestimate that, building a viable state has not happened and is not really going to happen any time soon and yet that is supposedly the British government mission," said Bruce.  "So I think our view was rather than focus exclusively on that you really should concentrate on the things that you can achieve recognizing you may have to be fleet of foot and very flexible as the situation changes on the ground.""

Afghan mosque suicide bombing kills 41

Afghan mosque suicide bombing kills 41 -

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Build Your Own Special Forces Sniper

If this wasn't so ridiculous it would almost fall into the realms of War Porn. 

Institutionalizing America’s Targeted Killing Program

Politics, Power, and Preventive Action » Institutionalizing America’s Targeted Killing Program: "Recently, I spoke to a military official with extensive and wide-ranging experience in the special operations world, and who has had direct exposure to the targeted killing program. To emphasize how easy targeted killings by special operations forces or drones has become, this official flicked his hand back over and over, stating: “It really is like swatting flies. We can do it forever easily and you feel nothing. But how often do you really think about killing a fly?”"

Afghanistan - Drugs War Lost Too

Afghanistan produced more opium with NATO & US present than during the Taliban regime:

'Investigation' After Latest Botched Nato Raid

9 killed, 25 injured in Afghan night raid operation - Trend.Az: "Nine people were killed and 25 wounded in an overnight operation launched by Afghan and the NATO-led coalition troops in the western province of Ghor, a provincial official said Wednesday, adding that local residents said most victims were civilians, Xinhua reported.
"According to initial reports by our security forces, nine people were killed and 25 others injured during a night raid operation against militants conducted by Afghan Special Forces supporting by the coalition troops in Sharhrak district," a spokesman for provincial government, Abdul Hai Khatibi, told Xinhua.
After local residents claimed that several women and children were among the casualties, the local government has launched an investigation into the incident to determined whether the killed were militants or civilians, he said."

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Forget the firefights - progress in Afghanistan can be measured in tomatoes | World news |

Forget the firefights - progress in Afghanistan can be measured in tomatoes | World news |

MoD To Control Afghan Drones From UK

"A batch of five new MQ-9 Reaper drones, which are used to gather surveillance and monitor enemy movements, will be operated from RAF Waddington.
The unmanned aircraft will be based in Afghanistan and will not be flown from the Lincolnshire base.
A spokesman for the MoD said: "The RAF announced in May 2011 that RAF Waddington is to host a new Reaper squadron, known as 13 Squadron."

Afghan forces die in clash with Taliban in Herat

BBC News - Afghan forces die in clash with Taliban in Herat:

Karzai Condemns Pt. 2090

President Karzai Strongly Condemns the Killing of Four Children in NATO Operation in Logar Province - Office of the President:

NATO Doing Fine According To NATO

Nato’s plan is working in Afghanistan - Telegraph: "with President Karzai and his ministers, parliamentarians, provincial governors, army and police commanders, I got a clear sense of their determination to make transition a success."

Royal Marines charged with Afghan murder appear before Colchester military court | This is Essex

Royal Marines charged with Afghan murder appear before Colchester military court | This is Essex:

Britain doubles armed drones in Afghanistan

Britain doubles armed drones in Afghanistan - World news, News -
"On the rare occasions that weapons are used, the same strict rules are followed that govern the use of weapons on manned aircraft." The 'strict rules' didn't stop these three girls (pictured) (and many, many others over the years) being killed by a 'precision' drone attack last week.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Afghan roadside bomb kills 18 wedding guests

BBC News - Afghan roadside bomb kills 18 wedding guests:

Algériens de France 1954-1962 Documentaire de FRANCE 24

The American 'heroes' who killed three children in Afghanistan

The American 'heroes' who killed three children in Afghanistan: "The attack, described by the military as a “precision strike,” was reportedly aimed at several Taliban fighters who were allegedly planting an IED in the road, but the strike also killed three children, Borjan, 12; Sardar Wali, 10; and Khan Bibi, 8, all from one family, who were right nearby collecting dung for fuel.
Initially, as is its standard MO, the US denied that any children had been killed and insisted that the aircraft had targeted three “Taliban” fighters, and had successfully killed them. Only later, as evidence grew indesputable that the three children had also been killed, the US switched to its standard fallback position for atrocities in the Afghanistan War and its other wars: it announced that it was “investigating” the incident and said that it “regretted” any civilian deaths."

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Where Are Their Names, Western Media?

NATO has issued a statement today expressing “deep regret” for the killing of three children in the Helmand Province over the weekend, saying that the deaths were “accidental” and promising further investigation. They also claimed two actual Taliban were killedThe comments were a stark contrast to initial NATO comments about the killings, in which they insisted that even though the three slain were between 8 and 12 years old, all of them were “Taliban.”
Family members say the children were sent out to gather dung, which is dried and used as fuel during the harsh winters in mountainous Afghanistan. Local tribal leaders confirmed bags of the dung were found at the attack site.
What wasn’t found at the site were the two “Taliban” supposedly killed in the attack, and while provincial officials echoed NATO’s claim that two Taliban in the area were killed, locals insist they never saw any bodies except for the three children.

NATO says Afghanistan drawdown plans unchanged

NATO says Afghanistan drawdown plans unchanged | Richmond Times-Dispatch: "The statement by visiting Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen comes amid speculation that the U.S.-led alliance could accelerate its withdrawal plans.
“Our goal is that Afghanistan will be able to stand on its own feet, but Afghanistan will not stand alone,” Fogh Rasmussen said.
NATO's governing body, the North Atlantic Council, was visiting Kabul for meetings with President Hamid Karzai, coalition military commander Gen. John Allen and commanders of the Afghan government's forces."

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Mass Killings After Gaddafi's Death

Evidence of mass murder after Gaddafi's death - Africa - Al Jazeera English: "The 50-page report, "Death of a Dictator: Bloody Vengeance in Sirte," also details the final hours of Gaddafi's life and the circumstances under which he was killed on the basis of witness testimony and mobile phone footage.
HRW said its evidence suggested that Misrata-based militias captured and disarmed members of Gaddafi's convoy and, after bringing them under control, subjected them to brutal beatings.
"They then executed at least 66 captured members of the convoy at the nearby Mahari Hotel," said the report, adding that some still had their hands bound behind their backs."

Drunk US Contractors In Afghanistan

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Obama's 'hope' message a mirage for hostile Pakistanis

Obama's 'hope' message a mirage for hostile Pakistanis -

C.I.A. Officer Among Dead in Bombing by Afghan

C.I.A. Officer Among Dead in Bombing by Afghan -

Monday, 15 October 2012

Iran - Back to Basics

Back to Basics « "Iran’s official security doctrines imply a defensive, not an offensive orientation. Contacts with Iranian officials suggest that Iran’s leaders find political advantage in demonizing certain Western countries but are not bent on attacking them. 
If Western intelligence agencies are aware of Iranian plans to start a war against the US, Europe or Israel, it is surprising that this intelligence has not been leaked."

Libya Elects New PM

Marines Murder Case - Clip

Friday, 12 October 2012

British Soldiers' Arrest - Development

British soldiers arrested for Afghan death - "The seven military servicemen were arrested by military police Thursday. The British Ministry of Defense, in a statement Friday, said "these arrests demonstrate the determination of the department and the armed forces to ensure U.K. personnel act in accordance with their rules of engagement and our standards." The story is emerging that a former soldier was arrested for an unconnected offence in England and a laptop was seized by civilian police. On this laptop was a video of Royal Marines in a house discussing what to do with a wounded man. The man ended up dead while in their custody. 

Imran Khan’s March Brings Global Attention to CIA Drone Strikes

Imran Khan’s March Brings Global Attention to CIA Drone Strikes « Drones Watch: "The two-day march, organised by Imran Khan, the cricketer-turned-presidential hopeful who leads the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party, set out from Islamabad on Saturday aiming to hold a rally in Kotkai, a town in the Waziristan border region that has seen most drone strikes. Access to Waziristan is tightly controlled and usually impossible for foreigners."

Beating the Retreat

Beating the retreat in Afghanistan: "The grand project of the Bush administration to create a modern democratic state comes down to much less ambitious scenarios. One is that the Afghan army, its annual cost of nearly $US12 billion mostly funded by the US and more than twice the Afghan government budget, in effect becomes the Afghan state - an irony given that Americans lament the dominance of the army in Pakistan and have been encouraging civilians to assert themselves over the military in places such as South Korea, Indonesia and Egypt. Another is that with the 2014 elections becoming farcical, the government is formed through powerbroking arrangements between ethnic and tribal warlords. In neither case is a walkover for the Taliban likely. With enough foreign support, the regime could hang on indefinitely, fighting a stalemated civil war outside the capital."

Royal Marines Charged With Murder in Afghanistan

The Afghan government has welcomed the arrest of seven British soldiers on suspicion of murder, calling it "a good measure to prevent civilian casualties" in the country.
The comment by Afghan Defense Ministry spokesman Mohammad Zaher Azimi comes after Britain's Ministry of Defense announced that seven Royal Marines had been arrested on October 11 on suspicion of murder in relation to an incident in Afghanistan last year. MORE

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

American Women Protest US Drones in Pakistan

Arms sales: who are the world's 100 top arms producers?

Arms sales: who are the world's 100 top arms producers? | News |
"Despite the economic downturn it has been business as usual for the world's biggest arms companies who have seen sales of weapons and military services rise during 2010 and exceed $400bn (£250bn)."

How the U.S. Quietly Lost the IED War in Afghanistan

IPS – How the U.S. Quietly Lost the IED War in Afghanistan | Inter Press Service:

Twitter and the War in Afghanistan

Twitter and the Kabul suicide bombing controversy...: "Journalists are increasingly embracing Twitter as a means of getting information, following stories, and finding sources. There is the dual benefit of also promoting their own work and developing a direct feedback loop with their audiences. Twitter is now, undoubtedly, the most powerful weapon in the arsenal of a journalist.
However, Twitter can also expose journalists, and sometimes through them their sources, to spying and even persecution from authorities. Just like other platforms, it is possible to hack Twitter. But more than that, much of what happens on Twitter is public, so hacking may not even be necessary."