Thursday, 31 January 2013

Another Military Funeral

For What?

Germany Slashes Numbers, Vows To Stay

Berlin: Germany's lower house of parliament on Thursday voted overwhelmingly to extend the country's military presence in Afghanistan but aimed to slash troop numbers to 3,300 by February 2014.Members of the Bundestag voted by 435 to 111 with 39 abstentions to keep a maximum of 4,400 troops in the war-torn region until next February. The maximum level was reduced by 500.
Germany has agreed with its NATO partners to gradually pull combat forces out of the country by the end of 2014 as Afghan troops assume more responsibility for security.
But it plans to maintain a military presence from 2015 assisting Afghan forces. "We know that our soldiers alone cannot solve the political and military conflicts in Afghanistan," Defence Minister Thomas de Maiziere told reporters after the vote.

UN, Karzai Stalemate Over Afghan Prison Probe

UN, Karzai Stalemate Over Afghan Prison Probe: "The head of the human rights unit in Unama, Georgette Gagnon, said "the UN met with the delegation last week, advised how the UN can cooperate with it and sent a letter to the delegation in this regard. "

"The UN is cooperating with the delegation and helping the investigation as permitted under the international and legal rules and procedures the UN is obliged to operate under. The UN, not only in Afghanistan but in any country, cannot be a member of a government investigation delegation and has privileges and immunities regarding information it has," Gagnon said in an email to TOLOnews."

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

How Violence Shaped Algeria

Violence and the fight against Islamic extremism have played prominent roles throughout much of Algeria's modern history. A decade-long war for independence from colonial France ended in 1962 but was a bitter conflict. At the end of the war Algeria said 1.5 million people had died. That shaped the future for Algeria, as Alan Little reports.   (Western Bias Alert)

US Grand Strategy in Middle East And Africa

Karzai - “No Foreigner Should Try To Take The Lead Over Peace Process''

“No Foreigner Should Try To Take The Lead Over Peace Process In Afghanistan:” President Karzai: "This is not only directed to the US but to all western and neighboring countries and this is addressed to our politicians as well who during the past years have amply benefited of the democracy, freedom, formation of national assembly and elections and what they want to gain they should be attentive that the task for bringing peace and peace talks is the duty of High Peace Council of Afghanistan and that is the main source for this."

US Soldier's Video Creates Furor

US soldier’s Afghanistan firefight video creates furor - Khaama Press (KP) | Afghan Online Newspaper:

Monday, 28 January 2013

Helmet-Cam US Soldier Being Shot

23M hits on Youtube. Don't know how I missed this one. Playstation war sure enough. Spray and pray they called it in Iraq.

Taliban Will Step Up Attacks - Amrullah Saleh

Saleh, the head of Afghan intelligence for 10 years, says, convincingly, that the Taliban must strengthen its hand for the negotiations as NATO/ISAF head for the fire-exits. That fact and the improving weather over the next few months point to an eventful as well as an ignominious exit. Look out for more Green on Blue incidents as well as further suicide attacks originating in Pakistan and in the ranks of the resurgent AQ.

There Are Three Options for Afghanistan and They're All Bad

There Are Three Options for Afghanistan and They're All Bad:

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Incident Reports

War News for Saturday, January 26, 2013

Attackers blow up main oil pipeline in Yemen-officials

Over 1,000 Afghan army soldiers killed in six months

Reported security incidents
#1: Officials in the eastern Afghan province of Ghazni say two people were killed in a suicide attack. Mohammad Ali Ahmadi, the deputy provincial governor, told RFE/RL that the suicide bomber detonated his explosive vest on January 26 near a police post in the Qale Sabaz area, killing one police officer and one civilian. Ahmadi said three other people were injured in the attack. However, the head of the local hospital, Baz Mohammad Hemat, said 13 people had been brought to the hospital for injuries they suffered in the attack. 

#2: At least four persons of peace militia got killed and five others were kidnapped on Saturday in a militants' attack in the Dilber area of Dera Bugti district of Balochistan. According to the media reports, unknown armed men attacked a camp of peace militia, pro-government armed force comprises of local people, in the Dilber area of Dera Bugti district of Baluchistan.

Friday, January 25, 2013

War News for Friday, January 25, 2013

Three killed during clashes with Iraqi army in Falluja.

Reported security incidents
#1: A suicide car bomb blasted through two homes in Afghanistan Friday morning killing five people and wounding 15 others, authorities said. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack in Kapisa province, saying the terror organization was trying to target U.S. troops, said Mehrabuddin Safi, the governor of the eastern province. No troops were killed or wounded, only civilians, Safi said.

#2: Three Georgian soldiers wounded in Afghanistan. As the Ministry of Defense of Georgia told Trend, Corporal Erekle Kharshiladze and Sergeant Iago Kakulia were injured in Taliban attack on Georgian patrol. The two soldiers were slightly injured and their condition is stable. Both were taken to hospital in Landstuhl in Germany. Private Guram Chomakhidze blown up on a mine while on patrol. He was seriously injured and taken to Bastion hospital. His condition is stable at this time.

#3: Five militants were killed and many others injured in a clash between the outlawed Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and Ansarul Islam (AI) militant groups Friday in Khyber tribal region’s Tirah Valley. Officials said that TTP and AI militants clashed in Maidan village of Tirah Valley in Khyber tribal region leaving five militants dead and several others injured. The sources said that the death toll was likely to increase as the skirmish had not ended yet.

#4: A relatively heavy explosion rocked northern Balkh province of Afghanistan on Thursday evening. The incident took place in central Mazar-e-Sharif city at Darwaza-e-Jamhuri area near the city shrine, provincial security commandment and central bank. Provincial security chief spokesman Sher Jan Durani said the explosive device was planted near a police ring of steel by the militants and went off while an Afghan police officer got closer to the stall. Mr. Durani further added that the police officer became suspicious of the explosive device and the blast took place after the device was thrown away by the officer. He said the police officer was injured following the blast and has been taken to the hospital for treatment.

10 Police Killed in Afghanistan Suicide Attack

10 Police Killed in Afghanistan Suicide Attack — Naharnet:

I killed people in Afghanistan. Was I right or wrong?

I killed people in Afghanistan. Was I right or wrong? - The Washington Post

"We were simply too busy to worry about the morality of what we were doing."

From the Algerian Terror to Al Qaeda Meets Mali

From the Algerian Terror to Al Qaeda Meets Mali: West’s Hidden Agenda and One Big Mess - WhoWhatWhy: "Amid cinematic gun battles claiming the lives of dozens of Western hostages at a gas field in neighboring Algeria, the world may be finally waking up to the complexity of the Malian crisis. Yet many of those who have studied the region in depth saw it coming. “This has for a very long time been an accident waiting to happen,” says Professor David Anderson, an expert of African politics at St Cross College, the University of Oxford."

Friday, 25 January 2013

Obama Inauguration Speech

Egypte - Manifestants Au Caire 25 Jan

Botched Taliban Raid On NATO Convoy

Afghan officials say a suicide car bomber has killed five civilians and wounded at least 15 people in the eastern province of Kapisa. The attack took place at a marketplace in the Taqab district.

Police say the bomber targeted a convoy of NATO supply trucks but failed to hit them.
The attack instead crashed into a house, destroying its walls, and killing those inside.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Partial List of Children Killed By Drones In Pakistan and Yemen

Compiled from The Bureau of Investigative Journalism reports

Name | Age | Gender
Noor Aziz | 8 | male
Abdul Wasit | 17 | male
Noor Syed | 8 | male
Wajid Noor | 9 | male
Syed Wali Shah | 7 | male
Ayeesha | 3 | female
Qari Alamzeb | 14| male
Shoaib | 8 | male
Hayatullah KhaMohammad | 16 | male
Tariq Aziz | 16 | male
Sanaullah Jan | 17 | male
Maezol Khan | 8 | female
Nasir Khan | male
Naeem Khan | male
Naeemullah | male
Mohammad Tahir | 16 | male
Azizul Wahab | 15 | male
Fazal Wahab | 16 | male
Ziauddin | 16 | male
Mohammad Yunus | 16 | male
Fazal Hakim | 19 | male
Ilyas | 13 | male
Sohail | 7 | male
Asadullah | 9 | male
khalilullah | 9 | male
Noor Mohammad | 8 | male
Khalid | 12 | male
Saifullah | 9 | male
Mashooq Jan | 15 | male
Nawab | 17 | male
Sultanat Khan | 16 | male
Ziaur Rahman | 13 | male
Noor Mohammad | 15 | male
Mohammad Yaas Khan | 16 | male
Qari Alamzeb | 14 | male
Ziaur Rahman | 17 | male
Abdullah | 18 | male
Ikramullah Zada | 17 | male
Inayatur Rehman | 16 | male
Shahbuddin | 15 | male
Yahya Khan | 16 |male
Rahatullah |17 | male
Mohammad Salim | 11 | male
Shahjehan | 15 | male
Gul Sher Khan | 15 | male
Bakht Muneer | 14 | male
Numair | 14 | male
Mashooq Khan | 16 | male
Ihsanullah | 16 | male
Luqman | 12 | male
Jannatullah | 13 | male
Ismail | 12 | male
Taseel Khan | 18 | male
Zaheeruddin | 16 | male
Qari Ishaq | 19 | male
Jamshed Khan | 14 | male
Alam Nabi | 11 | male
Qari Abdul Karim | 19 | male
Rahmatullah | 14 | male
Abdus Samad | 17 | male
Siraj | 16 | male
Saeedullah | 17 | male
Abdul Waris | 16 | male
Darvesh | 13 | male
Ameer Said | 15 | male
Shaukat | 14 | male
Inayatur Rahman | 17 | male
Salman | 12 | male
Fazal Wahab | 18 | male
Baacha Rahman | 13 | male
Wali-ur-Rahman | 17 | male
Iftikhar | 17 | male
Inayatullah | 15 | male
Mashooq Khan | 16 | male
Ihsanullah | 16 | male
Luqman | 12 | male
Jannatullah | 13 | male
Ismail | 12 | male
Abdul Waris | 16 | male
Darvesh | 13 | male
Ameer Said | 15 | male
Shaukat | 14 | male
Inayatur Rahman | 17 | male
Adnan | 16 | male
Najibullah | 13 | male
Naeemullah | 17 | male
Hizbullah | 10 | male
Kitab Gul | 12 | male
Wilayat Khan | 11 | male
Zabihullah | 16 | male
Shehzad Gul | 11 | male
Shabir | 15 | male
Qari Sharifullah | 17 | male
Shafiullah | 16 | male
Nimatullah | 14 | male
Shakirullah | 16 | male
Talha | 8 | male

Afrah Ali Mohammed Nasser | 9 | female
Zayda Ali Mohammed Nasser | 7 | female
Hoda Ali Mohammed Nasser | 5 | female
Sheikha Ali Mohammed Nasser | 4 | female
Ibrahim Abdullah Mokbel Salem Louqye | 13 | male
Asmaa Abdullah Mokbel Salem Louqye | 9 | male
Salma Abdullah Mokbel Salem Louqye | 4 | female
Fatima Abdullah Mokbel Salem Louqye | 3 | female
Khadije Ali Mokbel Louqye | 1 | female
Hanaa Ali Mokbel Louqye | 6 | female
Mohammed Ali Mokbel Salem Louqye | 4 | male
Jawass Mokbel Salem Louqye | 15 | female
Maryam Hussein Abdullah Awad | 2 | female
Shafiq Hussein Abdullah Awad | 1 | female
Sheikha Nasser Mahdi Ahmad Bouh | 3 | female
Maha Mohammed Saleh Mohammed | 12 | male
Soumaya Mohammed Saleh Mohammed | 9 | female
Shafika Mohammed Saleh Mohammed | 4 | female
Shafiq Mohammed Saleh Mohammed | 2 | male
Mabrook Mouqbal Al Qadari | 13 | male
Daolah Nasser 10 years | 10 | female
AbedalGhani Mohammed Mabkhout | 12 | male
Abdel- Rahman Anwar al Awlaki | 16 | male
Abdel-Rahman al-Awlaki | 17 | male
Nasser Salim | 19

Prince Harry Announces The End Of Afghan Hostilities

As Good Prince Hal makes his return from Lashgar to Las Vegas, marking the official end of the Afghanistan War, a few thoughts emerge from the clip below. 
1. The army briefings of their personnel on the background to the war must be as bad as we suspected - Taliban 'doing bad stuff' to 'our guys'. Taking them 'out of the game'. Self-parody.
2. The royal family have obviously made a deal with the tabloids for favourable coverage of someone who is clearly an inarticulate yob.
3. The Buckingham Palace PR must have worked all night on 'Too much army, not enough Prince' about the Las Vegas hooker episode.

Who lost Afghanistan? | Opinion Column

I don't endorse all this account but an interesting view and precis.
John Havelock: Who lost Afghanistan? | Opinion Columns |

Monday, 21 January 2013

Taliban militants storm Afghanistan police HQ in Kabul

Taliban militants storm Afghanistan police HQ in Kabul; at least 10 wounded - CBS News: "It was the second brazen raid inside the Afghan capital in less than a week, a sign that the insurgency is determined to keep carrying out such spectacular attacks even as the U.S. and Afghan governments try to entice the Taliban into holding peace talks.
The raid started just before dawn when a suicide car bomber blew up his vehicle at the gate of the traffic police department building, close to the Afghan parliament and the Kabul zoo, said the city's police chief, Mohammad Ayub Salangi."

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Torture Still Rife in Afghan Jails, Says UN

Torture Still Rife in Afghan Jails, Says UN - IBTimes UK:

How it All Began

Link to excellent historical document on roots of Afghan conflict HERE

5 Afghan Civilians Killed By US Drone

At least five civilians have been killed in a US assassination drone strike carried out in Afghanistan’s northeastern province of Kunar, Press TV reports.Villagers say all the victims were civilians and had no links to any militant group.
Kunar is located near the border with Pakistan has been the scene of frequent US assassination drone attacks.
Washington claims the targets of the drone attacks are al-Qaeda militants, but local officials and witnesses maintain that civilians have been the main victims of the attacks over the past few years.
The United States also carries out targeted killings through drone strikes in Yemen, Pakistan, and Somalia.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

IED Casualties Up 124% Among Afghan Troops

IED Casualties Up 124% Among Afghan Troops: "IEDs have been one of the top threats for the US forces in Afghanistan but is clearly in decline, killing 104 US troops in 2012 compared with 196 in 2011, a 46 percent drop. The makeshift bombs also wounded fewer troops, from 3,542 in 2011 to 1,744 in 2012, a 50 percent drop, according to Pentagon statistics."

Friday, 18 January 2013

US forces kill four Afghan civilians

US forces kill four Afghan civilians:

Africa's Afghanistan By Pepe Escobar

Listening to Francois Hollande, a Socialist, saying that the bloodbath in Algeria justified his action in Mali which caused it, is a surreal experience. Even Sarkozy, the US shill, would have blushed to make such a remark. France's honourable stance in resisting the Bush debacle in Iraq has been wiped out by a politician who came in on a wave of optimism. Don't they teach the history of France in Algeria in French schools? LINK

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Obama to Take Oath of Office on A Heap of Drones

Obama's drone wars |

US Orchestrating French Action In Mali

Prisoners Killed in Shooting at Ghazni Jail

Prisoners Killed in Shooting at Ghazni Jail:

Mission Shrink In Afghanistan - Obama Cries 'Victory ..Mission Accomplished'

The administration hints at mission shrink in Afghanistan - The Washington Post
"Just eight months ago, U.S. and NATO military officials were anticipating that it would take an international force of around 30,000 soldiers, including 20,000 Americans, to accomplish that mission while also continuing to train the Afghan forces and carrying out counterterrorism missions against al-Qaeda. Since then, however, the White House has quietly changed course, overruling the generals and insisting that plans be drawn up for a far smaller contingent. Mr. Obama’s civilian aides are reported to be pushing for 3,000 or less; last week, a National Security Council spokesman told reporters a “zero option” would also be considered."

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Hollande steps up France Security over Mali and Somalia

BBC News - Hollande steps up France security over Mali and Somalia:

Mali - US Orchestrated French Intervention

Mali is a complicated situation. But a US General, not the French Government, was first to announce the death of the French hostage in Somalia last night. Therein lies the backdrop to French actions in Africa.

French Attacks In Mali

Ignore the perfunctory Reuters US bias in this clip. The latest French action in Mali was announced by a US NATO General before the French Government announced it. That's all we need to know about where this is coming from.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Polish troops face trial over Afghan civilians killings

Polish troops face trial over Afghan civilians killings - Khaama Press (KP) | Afghan Online Newspaper: "The incident took place around five years back and at least eight Afghan civilians including women and children were killed after Polish troops opened fire on a wedding party in Nangar Khel village.
The seven Polish troops were cleared of the war crimes by Polish court due to lack of evidence but the military prosecutors have appealed to the Supreme Court of Poland which resulted in re-trial of four troops while the acquittal of the three others were upheld.
Andrzej Oscieki, Lukasz Bywalec, Damian Ligocki and Tomasz Borysiewicz are reportedly the four Polish troops are going to face retrial for the incident."

British forces to be equipped with Glock pistols for protection

British forces to be equipped with Glock pistols for protection in Afghanistan | UK news | The Guardian:

10 Reasons For Pulling Troops Out Now

By Robin Beste
Stop the War Coalition
October 7, 2012 was the 11th anniversary of the war on Afghanistan -- making it longer than the two 20th century world wars combined and the longest in United States history.02
Every justification we have been given for a war on one of the world's poorest countries has been bogus -- whether it be exporting democracy, liberating Afghan women, combatting the drugs trade or defeating al-Qaeda -- an organisation which even Nato admits has virtually no fighters in Afghanistan.
03 The most absurd justification -- and now the only one used by the British government -- is that the 10,000 UK troops are in Afghanistan to defend Britain's national security interests by keeping our streets safe from terrorism -- despite there being no evidence whatever that any Afghan intends to launch such an attack. In truth, the war in Afghanistan -- alongside other wars Britain has participated in over the past decade -- has made this country more insecure, not less, as was shown by the huge military operation which had to be mounted to protect the London Olympic Games in Summer 2012.
The real purpose of the war is for the United States and its allies to control access to the rich oil and natural gas resources of Central Asia, and to counteract China’s strategic influence in the region. The UK as always is hanging on the coat tails of American foreign policy -- wherever its wars may take the British military.
Tens of thousands of Afghan civilians have been killed -- with countless more seriously injured -- making Afghanistan one of the most insecure and unstable countries in the world.
The war is not only unjustified and futile, but is clearly lost. Over 3000 Nato troops have been killed -- more than 2000 of them American and more than 400 British. They are being killed in ever escalating numbers because the Afghan people want to free their country from foreign occupation -- as the people of any country would want to.
Countless numbers of British troops have returned from Afghanistan with life-changing physical and mental injuries -- whether it be the loss of limbs or eyes or the effects of psychological trauma caused be the war. That one in ten of Britain's total prison population is an ex-soldier shows the psychological and social impact for those sent to kill and be killed in foreign wars. 
The financial costs of the war are astronomical. The United States has spent so far $1.2 trillion. By the time of the supposed date for withdrawing British troops at the end of 2014, the UK will have spent well over £20 billion. This happens to be the amount the government is planning to cut from the country's National Health Service -- showing how the current attacks on the UK's public and welfare services could be avoided if Britain ended its addiction to war.
The "exit strategy" of training the Afghan army and police to take over security for the country at the end of 2014, so that some kind of "victory" can be proclaimed as Nato withdraws its troops, is in tatters. The morale of soldiers in the Nato armies has disintegrated -- faced with a meaningless mission and the escalating number of them being killed by "insider attacks", carried out by the very same Afghan soldiers and police who are the cornerstone of the West's exit plans.
As MP Paul Flynn told parliament, soldiers are being deployed in Afghanistan as "human shields" for politicians who would rather the killing and dying continue than have to admit the war is lost. The war should end immediately, all foreign troops should be brought home without firing another shot, and the people of Afghanistan should receive reparations for all the death and destruction of the past eleven years, to help them rebuild their country, free of western intervention.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Tribalism in Kabul

A Mercy Killing in Kabul | VICE: "When I first began working in Afghanistan, I knew nothing about its tribes and their rivalries. Over the years, I have learned that the country is a loosely knit conglomeration of competing ethnic groups. Chief among them are Pashtuns, Tajiks, Uzbeks and Hazaras. Strong animosity exists between the Pashtuns and Tajiks. The Taliban emerged from the mostly Pashtun region of southern Afghanistan. The Tajiks made up the bulk of the Northern Alliance and fiercely resisted the Taliban. Then the Taliban government collapsed in the wake of the American-led invasion following the September 11th attacks. The Northern Alliance dominated the new government led by Hamid Karzai, a Pashtun. But many Pashtuns felt Karzai served only as a figurehead to appease international demands for a multi-ethnic unity government. He held little power by himself. It was the Tajiks who ruled. Instead of unity, people retreated to their tribal affiliations and mutually held antagonism, and prepared to resume age old conflicts as soon as western military forces quit the country."