Monday, 28 September 2009

Gordon Brown & Nulabour on the Long Walk To The Firing Squad

Alternative Title - 'How Government By Fiasco Doesn't Work'

1. Surrogate Thatcherism
2. Iraq Debacle
3. 10p Tax Threshold Fiasco
4. ID Cards(not)
5. Post Office Privatisation(not)
6. Afghanistan Shambles (booed at Cenotaph - Do not pass Go, do not collect £200)
7. Bonus Culture
8. M.P.Expenses Scandal
8. Early Election(not)
9. Regulation of Finance Sector(not)
10 Bizarre Gurning on YouTube
11 Attorney General Sacked(not yet)

Gurkhas, Steady ...Aim.....FIRE.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

NATO Rely On Illegal Militias

Nato forces in Afghanistan are increasingly reliant on illegal militias, often run by warlords responsible for human rights abuses and drug trafficking, according to an independent report published tomorrow.
New York University's Centre on International Co-operation (CIC) reports that the use of private security companies and militias is growing exponentially and accounts for up to a fifth of the funds spent on Afghan reconstruction.
The CIC report, called The Public Cost of Private Security in Afghanistan, says many of the troop contingents in Nato's International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) use private militias not only to guard their camps and secure convoys, but also for "black ops", including detention and interrogation.
The militias function entirely outside Afghan law, which bans unlicensed armed groups, nor is there any legal basis for their employment in the "status of forces agreement" with the Kabul government, the CIC says in its report.

Monday, 7 September 2009

Chardaragh Massacre - NATO Denials Discredited

Villagers, Including A Large Number of Children Burned Beyond Recognition.

Kunduz, Afghanistan - A district governor in northern Afghanistan said Monday that more than 130 people were killed in a NATO airstrike last week that struck two hijacked fuel trucks. A Taliban spokesman invited United Nations and other human rights groups to visit the area and to investigate the incident. Friday's airstrike conducted by US planes was ordered by a German military commander when a large crowd of people was observed through satellite images gathering around the two trucks stuck in a riverbed in the Chardarah district in Kunduz province. 'According to interviews that we did with local people and tribal elders, 107 people were killed in Omerkhel and Gul Bagh villages of the province,' Abdul Wahid Omarkhel, the Chardarah district governor, told the German Press Agency. He said 15 other people, who had come from neighbouring Baghlan province, were also killed in the blast. More than a dozen people were also killed from the Ali Abad district, according to information Omarkhel said he had received from that district. He could not say how many of the victims were civilians, but said a large number of children, aged 10 to 16, were among those killed.
The airstrike came two months after the new NATO commander for Afghanistan, US general Stanley McChrystal ordered the allied forces in Afghanistan make protecting Afghan civilians the centerpiece of their war strategy. McChrystal visited the site one day after the incident and ordered an investigation by NATO military personnel. Afghan police and German military have issued now discredited denials that civilians were killed in the incident.